Turkish Experience in the Management System of UNEC

04 JULY 2017 | VIEWS:

A delegation consisting of the deans and secretaries of UNEC’s mega-faculties will be sent to the University of Uludagh of Turkey.

Meeting with the delegation, Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov said the Institute of Secretariat has been established at UNEC to improve the management, including the experience of the leading higher education institutions at the university. The Institute of Secretariat separates the administrational and academic management in the level of rectorate and faculties basing on the experiences of the leading universities of Turkey. This will, in general, increase the effectiveness of governance in the UNEC and will promote further academic and scientific activities. The rector advised the deans and the secretaries to benefit from the experience of Uludagh University to improve the activities of the Institute of Secretariat. He brought to attention that the visit will be of mutual benefit for both parties.

The delegation of 7 people consisting of the deans and secretaries from the Schools of Economics, Finance and Accounting, Business and Management will join the experience at the University of Uludagh.

Note that, previously, heads of UNEC’s Financial Department, Internal Audit and Human Resources were on business at the University of Sakarya, Turkey to study the experience of the Institute of Secretariat.

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