The UNEC Charter and “UNEC-100” Development Strategy were presented to the staff


Meetings have started at the faculties for the purpose of resolving the following issues arising from the UNEC charter and “UNEC-100”  Development Strategy.

At a meeting with the faculty of Finance and Accounting, Vice-Rector for Administrative and Organizational Affairs of UNEC Associate Professor Shaiq Askerov  congratulated the event participants on the start of the new academic year and wished them success in their work.

Vice-Rector for Administrative and Organizational Affairs of UNEC Associate Professor Shaiq Askerov   noted that in order to ensure the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 3, 2016, Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted the relevant decision and “The charter of Azerbaijan State University of Economics” had   been approved   on the 22nd of August in 2019,  in accordance with the law “About public juridical people” . It was noted that in the document, according to the “Law on education” the person implementing higher education, as well as secondary specialties and additional education programs, conducting   fundamental, theoretical-methodological, pedagogical-methodical and applied scientific researches in accordance with the Law on Science is a public juridical person.  Noting that the charter reflected changes in UNEC management, Sh. Askerov   told   that the university’s supreme governing body is the Scientific Council, and the Strategic Development Management Board is the Public Council of Trustees

The event provided detailed information to the academic-staff  about the general provisions reflected in the charter, the goals and directions of UNEC activities, its  duties and rights, there were mentioned the tasks facing the staff  in the implementation of issues arising from the charter.

UNEC Rector Advisor, Associate Professor Elshan Bagirzade performed a speech with the presentation on “UNEC-100”   Development Strategy (2019-2030)”. He said that the development strategy adopted by the UNEC Scientific Board took   into account trends and reforms in the higher education system of the country and in the global market of higher education. E.Bagirzade noted that SWOT analysis of the university   had been carried out,  7 strategic aims and 31 strategic goals to be implemented by 2030 had been identified in the charter with the UNEC mission, vision to the future and its core values.  Referring to the specific objectives for the implementation of the goals and objectives outlined in the strategy, the rector’s advisor stressed the importance of establishing the activities of the academic staff   towards determined goals for successful implementation of the strategy.

At the event, it was   announced that UNEC   had achieved high results in the field of research and was the leading university in the country in many respects in this direction. It was also noted that as a result of the measures undertaken in accordance with the “UNEC-100” Development Strategy”, UNEC aims to become one of the top 1,000 universities in the world at the age of 90, and the top 500 in the world at 100.

At the end of the meeting the questions of the academic-staff were answered and their suggestions were listened on “UNEC-100” Development Strategy (2019-2030)” and the charter.

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