UNEC has been elected a member of the Executive Board of the Federation of the Universities of Islamic World


VII General Conference of the Federation of the Universities of Islamic World has taken place in the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, Rabat. UNEC’s Vice-rector for International Affairs and Program, Associate Professor Shahin Bayramov attended the conference held in the Headquarters of the Islamic Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).

The General Director of the ISESCO and at the same time General Secretary of FUIW Dr. Abdulaziz Osman al- Tuveycri delivered detailed information about the performance of the Federation within the years  2014-2016 during the conference. He noted that the Federation of 345 member higher education institutions implements the function of coordinator to serve to the development of mutual beneficial cooperation among the countries of the Islamic World. Other speakers who brought to attention the invaluable  role of the FUIW in the development of ties among the universities representing different higher education systems, also made proposals on improvement efficiency of the operation of Federation.

Actively participating in the two-day event, S.Bayramov drew to attention that 2017 was announced a Year of Islamic Solidarity in Azerbaijan by the Head of the State which is one of the centers of Islamic civilization and that Baku will host IV Islamic Solidarity Games in May of 2017. He provided the participants with the information about the numerous events realized in Azerbaijan in the direction of protection of Islamic values and the development of intercultural dialogue. Speaking about the affairs carried out at UNEC to improve the quality of higher education and to develop international relations, S.Bayramov expressed the readiness for conducting bilateral beneficial collaboration on student and teacher exchange, joint scientific activities and common curricula with the member universities of FUIW.

Broad exchange of views on expanding exchange of experiences between the members of the Federation, development of the appraisal mechanism of the performances of Islamic World Universities, establishment of the science, technology and innovation platform surrounding the Islamic World, gaining access to new financial sources by the higher education institutions and other topic were made within the conference.

The new content of the Executive Board of the FUIW for 2017-2019 years  was elected within the conference where the organizational affaires were debated. UNEC has also been elected a member of the Executive Board among 345 members included 15 uni9versities. Thus, UNEC got a chance of directly participating in the operation and administration of the FUIW, play active role in making decisions within the organization and hosting a series of events held by the Federation within the last three years. At the same time, UNEC’s representation in the Executive Board of the International organization which promote cooperation in higher education institutions of the Islamic World is important in terms of contributing to the performances of the Federation and further benefitting from the projects realized by.

Bilateral meetings among the member universities of the Federation were held and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Utara University of Malaysia and UNEC was signed within the event.

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Kingdom of Morocco Mr. Tarik Aliyev attended the 7th General Conference of the FUIW.

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