Cooperation agreement has been signed between UNEC and MSU


Ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement between Azerbaijan State University of Economics and Mingechaur State University has been held.

The event was attended by UNEC Rector, professor Adalat Muradov, rector of Mingechaur State University, Associate Professor Shakhin Bayramov and the academic staff of the university.

Rector Adalat Muradov said that cooperation with regional universities was a priority in UNEC activities.  The rector underlined that an agreement had been reached with LSU on a dual diploma program, saying that UNEC cooperates with Lankaran State University (LSU) and Ganja State University. He said that UNEC was presenting a new approach to world practice in cooperation with regional universities and that the dual degree program was   the main goal of that cooperation. The rector said there were qualitative requirements for that and that students who could meet those requirements would   also get UNEC diploma. Noting that cooperation between UNEC and MSU would be successful, professor A.Muradov expressed his confidence that this university would   become a leading university in the educational system of the country and regional universities in a short time.

Rector Shakhin Bayramov said he was proud to be at the university, which he had been a graduate of, and   where he once had worked. Speaking on the goals set by the president of the country when he was appointed a rector, Shakhin Bayramov said that the main goal was to turn MSU into a capital-level university. The rector who said today the mission of the world universities had changed and that    universities were not limited to educational, scientific activities and training, emphasized   the need for close participation of MSU in strengthening and development of socio-economic potential of Mingechaur city and surrounding regions.

Informing   about the directions of personnel training at MSU and existing specialties,   Sh. Bayramov   said that the reforms had been carried out to improve the quality of teaching, increase the efficiency of scientific activities and the use of innovative methods in university management.  Expressing confidence that cooperation with UNEC, which was rapidly moving towards becoming a world-class university, would bring significant benefits to MSU, Sh. Bayramov said that as a regional partner, he would   use every opportunity to implement comprehensive cooperation.

Then the two rectors signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement envisaged student-teacher exchange between universities, participation of MSU teachers at UNEC Winter School, a one-semester study at UNEC, joint research and many other issues.

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