UNEC pays tribute to its Martyrs

19 AUGUST 2017 | VIEWS:

Today is UNEC’s eternal student Ilgar Abilhasanov’s birthday. If he were alive, he would have marked 50th birthday.

Abilhasanov Ilgar Yusif oghlu was born on August 19 1967 in Baku. After completing his military service he was enrolled to the Institute of National Economy of Azerbaijan (current UNEC). Ilgar who wished to become a serviceman as his father and brother, moved to the evening department of the institute and started to work for police units.

He occupied the post of sergeant at the Yasanal district police department. Ilgar’s shift was nearly to end when the Soviet troops entered Baku on the night from January 19 to 20, 1990. Ilgar Abilhasanov died in the hospital after he was injured approximately at 12. Today Baku city Secondary school 42 of Nasimi district where Ilgar studied was named after him.

The martyr’s family members regularly come to UNEC and visit the Memorial Complex erected here; they share their memories about Ilgar with UNEC’s academic and student staffs. We introduce Ilgar’s brother Yaver Abilhasanov’s interview to unec.edu.az: 

- We were 5 children in the family, Ilgar was the least. He was very naughty and benevolent child. He finished the secondary school 42 of Nasimi district. The school is now named after Ilgar. He went to serve at the military service. He entered the University of Economics after the military service. Ilgar was a full-time student. My father and I are servicemen. He also wanted to be as we; after three years of education he was transferred to the evening department of the university and recruited to the police office. He liked the uniforms of the servicemen….

- Was he at business during the incident?

- Yes, he was. He was a sergeant at Yasamal district police office. He was a fifth-year student. There were few minutes left to the end of his shift, Ilgar was wounded approximately at 12. I was on business in Nakhchivan when it happened. I was informed; all paths were closed. His liver was destroyed by the bullet. The operation lasted for more than five hours…The situation was very hard in the city. The lights of the hospital were cut off on the day of Ilgar’s operation. Doctors made the operation under the light of fire. He lived two days after the operation, but was very weak; doctors didn’t promise anything. He was exhausted and could speak nothing. But the last day…Father, mother, the whole family was near him. And he spoke…

- What did he say?

- He said only a word “forgive me, farewell”. Said and closed his eyes…He could speak nothing else… Our family is long-aged. But Ilgar’s tragedy took my parents earlier. They used to go to the Martyr’s Avenue every week till the end of their lives. Now our children go there. They are proud of their uncle. But I can’t. I can’t look at the grave of the child who grew by me. He was very naughty, as if he was in a hurry. I think he wanted to do everything he planned within 22 years, but he couldn’t. Ilgar loved his Motherland very much.

- Was he married?

- He was just engaged. We planned to marry him after the graduation. His fiancé was mourned for a long time after the disaster. Then she married and named her son Ilgar. We are in close relation with her family…

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