UNEC pays tribute to its Martyrs

18 AUGUST 2017 | VIEWS:

Today is UNEC’s alumnus, martyr Garatel Hajimahmudova’s birthday.

Garatel Shami kizi Hajimahmudova was born in Ashaghi Eskipara province of Gazakg region on August 18, 1948. She completed the secondary school of Ashaghi Eskipara province in 1962 and entered Baku Technical School of Trade. She worked in Ganja city mall after the graduation until 1970. She studied at the Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy (current UNEC) within 1970-1975. She worked as a laboratory assistant in the Oil Exploration Department in the years of 1976 to 1991.

She joined a voluntary self-defense group consisting of the young people of the village in 1990. She was captured while preventing the strong attack of Armenians early in the morning on June 14 1992. G.Hajimahmudova drank poison and shot herself not to be captured alive. Together with Garatel, the Armenians also took the bodies of her warrior comrades Ali Aliyev, Mardan Asgerov, Surkhay Mammadov and Shamistan Amiraslanov.

It was possible to return Garatel’s and her warrior friends’ corpses only after 12 days, on June 26 1992.

Garatel Hajimahmudova was single. She had grown up her deceased brother Mahammad’s three sons…

Rest in peace!

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