UNEC pays tribute to its Martyrs

03 JULY 2016 | VIEWS:

Alumni of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), martyr Elshan Mammadov’s Memorial Day is the 3rd July.

Elshan Mammadov was born in Bolnisi region of Georgia in 1992. He completed the secondary school 115 of Baku city. In 2010 he entered the School of Commerce of UNEC. He left for the Military Service in 2014 as UNEC Graduate.

Elshan was killed 5 days before he was released from the service in Tartar region. E.Mammadov was wounded by the enemy few minutes after leaving the position on September 25, 2015. Elshan Mammadov was buried in Zol Goyec province of Bolnisi region of Georgia.

Elshan’s bright memory will always live in his teachers’ hearts.

Let him rest in peace!


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