UNEC SSS Conference: Innovation and entrepreneurship are the key to XXI century

14 MAY 2019 | VIEWS:

The conference has been held on “Innovation  and Entrepreneurship are  the key to XXI century” dedicated to the 96th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, organized by the Student Scientific Society (SSS)  of  Azerbaijan State   University of Economics (UNEC).

Deputy Minister of Education Firudin Gurbanov, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport Intiqam Babayev, heads of student organizations, chairmen of SSS of universities of our country participated in the scientific conference organized at Boulevard Hotel Baku.

Professor Sakit Yaqubov, the vice-rector for Science and Innovation of UNEC, spoke about Azerbaijan’s successes led by the   national leader Heydar Aliyev. Noting that Heydar Aliyev attached great importance to training young people as highly qualified and professional specialists,  S.Yaqubov said that this policy had been successfully continuing  by President Ilham Aliyev.  Underlining the recent   implementation of a complex of measures   in the field of economics science   and education at UNEC in accordance with the implementation of state programs arising from relevant decrees and orders of the President of the country in the field of science and education, S.Yaqubov touched upon the measures taken to increase the scientific activity of teachers and students at UNEC. He noted that   the number of articles by UNEC pedagogical staff in the journals included in influential scientific bases had increased dramatically.

Deputy Minister Intiqam Babayev underlined the necessity of popularizing and researching the rich life and activity of the great leader at all times, saying that the holding of the scientific conference was of great importance in this respect. I.Babayev underlined that human capital is being promoted within the state policy of new goals and challenges under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev and that successful steps had   been taken to educate   young people. Referring to the work done in the direction of supporting youth employment in Azerbaijan and promoting entrepreneurship among them, I.Babayev spoke about the projects implemented by UNEC with the ministry. He expressed his   confidence that UNEC students would   be competitive specialists   in the country and internationally, based on their knowledge and skills.

Deputy Minister of Education Firudin Gurbanov said that Azerbaijani youth actively participated in all processes going on in the country. Gurbanov said that the power of each state are in  its intellectual potential, which has been  formed on the basis of science and education, noting the importance of acquiring fundamental knowledge to grow up as a specialist in the labor market.

The head of  UNEC “Center for Empirical Studies”, the SSS Scientific Adviser on International Economic School, Khatai Aliyev, delivered a speech on “The Key to Success: From the Research Interest to the Summit of Science”, Chairman of  the SSS Narmin Heydarov on “Today’s Student Scientific Society”.

At the conference, the UNEC SSS proposed to establish the Azerbaijan Student Scientific Society Alliance (ASSSA) to increase the scientific potential of the youth of the republic and to improve and coordinate the work of the   SSSs operating at the universities.

 The conference continued its work with sectional sessions.

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