UNEC Student in the Semi-final of “YGP Talent Network”

04 MAY 2017 | VIEWS:

UNEC Student in the Semi-final of “YGP Talent Network”

UNEC’s SABAH Groups student has reached the semi-final of a unique international training program Young Global Pioneers held by the beer producer “Carlsberg Azerbaijan’ of the Carlsberg Group, going through the national stage of the rivalry.

The fourth- year student Nilgun Aslanova competed to become a part of Young Global Talent Network. Covering some questions on the most urgent issue of today, students wrote essays on “Enabling transition to green economy in Azerbaijan: role of business, government and society cooperation” for submission. Afterwards, 5 leaders, whose applications were considered successful, were invited to the interview. UNEC student achieved success in both stages.

To become a finalist, Nilgun Aslanova will have to pass the interviewing held by the jury of the Young Global Pioneers.

The rivalry supported by Carlsberg Bequest that is a part of Carlsberg Foundation is held in some countries of the Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan). Carlsberg Azerbaijan realizes the choice within the exclusive partnership with SABAH Groups. The other countries’ semi-finalists will be announced sooner. The Young Global Pioneers will select a participant among them who will go to Tanzania and Zanzibar. The winner will be announced on May 11.

The YGP Talent Network is an international training program for the leaders under 19-25. It is targeted in bringing together global young talents to find innovative solution of the problems in the world, expand their overlook, to improve the level of intercultural cooperation and to teach think globally.

The YGP Talent Network will start with training on Tanzania and Zanzibar to be held through July 23 to August 12. Twenty coevals from various parts of the planet will come together to study about themselves more and to find innovative resolution of the problems in the world. The participants of the tour will make a trip to the leading universities and manufacturers; learn about the new cultures and traditions, communicate with young people from SOS Child Village and go safari-tour.

After the trip will end, all the participants of the Young Global Pioneers Program will be a part of the Global Talent Network. On the basis of this network, it is planned to organize regular online webinars and trainings and improve intercultural links every three months.

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