UNEC and the University of Germany start a Long- term Project

21 OCTOBER 2016 | VIEWS:

Azerbaijan State University of Economics and the Siegen University of Germany have launched a joint project. The Project on “Entrepreneurial Education as a Key Factor of the Establishing Workplaces and Recruitment in Azerbaijan” is financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Office. According to the projects the realization of summer and winter schools, trainings on financial and business planning, entrepreneurship, innovation management, logistics, e-commerce, risk management and other topics and organization of workshops are planned to be held. Participation of 16 UNEC scholars’ and young doctoral students’ in research experiences at the University of Siegen, foundation of joint Graduate Program, arrangement of “consulting financial clubs” in both universities and the implementation of “small business plans” among the young scholars are also will take place in accordance with the project.

As the an initial project one teaching staff of UNEC and 10 students will attend a Winter School held at the University of Siegen of Germany. UNEC’s teaching staff member will conduct a class on “Financial Markets”. Beside UNEC students, the students of the University of Siegen will also attend the class. Successful attendees will acquire UNEC credits. UNEC credits obtained by the German students will be recognized by the University of Siegen.

Meeting with the teacher and students to be sent to Germany, UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov spoke about the successful cooperation built with the prestigious higher education institutions of the world and urged them to take active part in the project, to make German students acquainted with Azerbaijan and to study Germany, its history and culture.

Note that, the Project of “Entrepreneurial Education as a Key Factor of Establishing Workplace and Recruitment in Azerbaijan” will cover 2016-2019 years.

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