An agreement was signed between UNEC and Lankaran State University on a Dual Diploma Program

13 MARCH 2019 | VIEWS:

An agreement on a Dual Diploma Program was signed between UNEC and Lankaran State University (LSU).

According to the agreement signed by the rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov and rector of  LSU (acting), Professor Natig Ibragimov, the Dual Diplomacy Program aims at ensuring cooperation between UNEC and LSU, student-teacher exchange and high-profile graduate, meeting   the labor market requirements.

At the signing ceremony, rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov underlined the importance of  minister of education Jeyhun Bayramov’s commitment at the board held at the Ministry of Education to expand cooperation between universities operating in the country. Stressing that the current contract should be regarded as the fulfillment of this task, the rector noted that  UNEC has already signed a cooperation agreement with a number of universities.  Ready to cooperate with universities in Baku and regions, UNEC intends to expand cooperation network in this direction.

Noting that there are broad cooperation plans within the framework of the signed agreement, the rector said reforms are being carried out at LSU as is the case with UNEC, in order to further improve the quality of education. Noting that the LSU curriculum is fully in line with the UNEC curriculum, the rector noted the necessary conditions are being created for student and teacher exchanges. Students are eligible to participate in the international exchange and double diploma programs of the partner university.  LSU students  can also benefit from the double diploma programs of UNEC  with London School of Economics and Monpelye University in France and other well-known foreign universities.

The scores gained during the entrance exams of the student do not matter to participate in the Dual Diploma Program.  Students from partner universities participating in the Dual Diploma Program  gaining 240 credits and completing their bachelor ′s degree  will be able to get diplomas in respective qualifications of both universities. The program include the students taking full-time education of Azeri sector studying on “Economy” and “Business management” qualifications. Students must apply to the program at the end of the first academic year and collect 60 credits intended up to now. The student has to have Gross Secondary Success indicator above 81 and must be recommended by his university. The student participating in the program compiles individual curriculum of three copies at the beginning of the academic year. Those enrolled in the program are registered in both institutions and have the same rights and responsibilities as other students.

Rector of Lankaran State University  professor Natig Ibragimov gave information about the work being carried out at LSU.  Establishment of the University’s Tourism Base and the modern Hotel’s activities make it possible for students to pass a probation here on tourism.  He noted that the activity of the modern Food Safety Lab at LSU have created additional opportunities for student-teacher staff studying on relevant UNEC qualifications. In order to improve the examination process at the LSU, UNEC teachers were asked to participate in the session and the issue of establishing joint research centers in the future was raised.

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