UNEC exchanges Experience with Foreign Universities


Improvement of academic staff’s teaching skills and studying the experience of foreign universities continue at UNEC.

A delegation consisting of the Deans and teaching staff were sent to the prestigious Uludagh, Sakarya and Suleyman Demirel Universities of Turkey within the Winter School of UNEC. The five- day trip aims to increase the teachers’ scientific potential and study the experience of foreign universities.

UNEC delegation had made different research with the aim of application new experience on the priority directions of the University of Economics. The group sent to the Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) got a chance of becoming familiar with the working principles of the faculties on majors. They were interested in administration of mega faculties and the faculty secretariat and distance training system; got acquainted with techno parks. The staff was familiarized with performance of the library system of the Suleyman Demirel University occupied the top three among the European Universities. UNEC’s publications were presented to the library. The participants of the group were awarded certificates for their contribution in expanding academic business relations between UNEC and SDU within the meeting with the Rector of the University.

UNEC delegation visited Suleyman Demirel’s grave in Islamkoy and called at his home museum within the trip.

Debates in the direction of management of mega faculties were made during the meetings held at the Sakarya University. Views on expanding student and teacher exchange were altered during the meeting with the rector of university. The pedagogical staff’s role in the management system of the student organizations and stimulation methods of socially active students were discussed. Especially the necessity of holding videoconferences between the two universities was emphasized. The decision about the writing joint teaching facilities and programs between the Faculty of Business Administration of the Sakarya University and UNEC was made within the meetings.

Researches on making research on the management system of electronic library were made within the winter school. Acquaintance with the mechanism of direct transmission of the lectures’ audio versions was made in the distance training center. After becoming familiar with the new training aids of the Sakarya University, debates on development of joint textbooks in Marketing were made. The Turkish party expressed their interest in including the examples of Azerbaijan marketing into the textbook.

The delegation sent to the Uludagh University discussed mutually interesting affairs within the meetings with the rector. Training laboratory of technological majors was examined. Acquaintance with the administration system of the Uludagh University, curricula, teacher and student relations, teaching process and other relevant issues was made. In the end, initial agreement on conducting joint scientific researches with UNEC teachers, developing scientific articles and books and implementation of joint conferences was achieved between the Sakarya University and UNEC.

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