UNEC is ready for the new academic year


At UNEC the rector’s meeting was held on preparation for the 2019/2020 academic year and the implementation of tasks arising from the UNEC Charter which had been approved   on August 22.

Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov congratulated the participants on the beginning of the new academic year and wished them success in their activities.

Emphasizing that UNEC Charter has been approved and that the university has acquired the status of Public Authority. the rector told that  according to the document, serious changes in the structure and management of the university are expected. He noted that the University staff has been assigned appropriate tasks related to the implementation of the statutory tasks.

A.Muradov also said that a number of innovations will be implemented at the university in the new academic year. Referring to the successful e-university model at UNEC, the rector said it was time to change into   paperless paperwork. The rector noted that “One window system”, which provides operational and innovative educational services to students, will be launched.

Then Vice-Rector for Economic Affairs, Associate Professor Mikayil Zeynalov spoke about the current state of the academic   buildings and auditoriums and the readiness for teaching.  Anar Rzayev, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning Technologies, gave information   about the organization of the educational process. He said that the teachers’ lesson   loads had been allocated   and that lesson schedules were prepared and uploaded to the Eduman system. The vice-rector noted that this year   UNEC will introduce new standards in teaching foreign languages. Speaking about the organization of   educaton  in Derbent and Zagatala branches of UNEC, A.Rzayev emphasized that the winter examinations in the branches will be organized on the basis of the electronic university model.

Director of the Center for Electronic Governance, Associate Professor Zohra Hasanova spoke about the technical condition of the academic buildings, auditoriums and libraries, and the provision of them with network services. She made a report on the current status of the electronic tribune, projector, computer and other technical equipment installed in the auditorium.

Adila Abdullayeva, Director of the Library Information Center, spoke about the structure and activities of the center, the work schedule of 24/7 library and libraries of   other academic buildings of UNEC. He noted that 24/7 library will operate 24 h and 7 days a week, and other libraries until 22:00.

Then the proposals of deans and heads of departments were listened to and the questions were answered.

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