teacher Valiyeva Tamilla Gulam 

Veliyeva Tamilla Gulam kizi was born on August 9 1951 in Baku.

Within 1958-1968 she studied at the secondary school.

In the years of 1968-1969 she studied at the specialized school №3. Within 1971-1978 she studied at the School of “Economy of Labor” of Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy named after D.Bunyadzade.




T.G.Veliyeva began her activity as a laboratory assistant at the Department of “Economic History” of the Institute of National Economy in 1969-1980, in 1981-1989 a senior laboratory assistant at the Department of “Political Economics”. Within 1989-1999 she worked as a head of office. In 2000 she was appointed a teacher to the Department of “Economic Theory-1”.

At present she serves at the same Department.
T.G.Veliyeva is married, has got a son and a daughter.

List of scientific works