“Homeland starts across the borders”

Teaching and student staffs of UNEC’s Zagatala branch met with the soldiers who serve in the military unit of Azerbaijan State Border Guard Service situated in Zagatala.

The Commander of the military unit Adil Babayev started his speech with the Great Leader’s ideas “border is extremely affectionate for every independent state, important area, it is natural that anyone who serves in protecting the borders is worthy of respect by our nation”. He said Homeland starts across the borders. Starting from soldiers to generals, ever border- guard protect Motherland at the expense of their lives and loves her: Saying, “The border is a symbol of each state. As well as the flag, emblem and the anthem” Head of our state Ilham Aliyev highlighted that the main basis of an independent state is its armed forces”.




Head of the Department of General Disciplines, Assistant Professor Hagigat Gadimova said our soldiers who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the Homeland and serve in our army saying “Everything for Homeland” are, in fact, the greatest patriots. Undoubtedly, every Azerbaijani youth should love their Motherland and flag and be nationalist and patriot. Azerbaijani border-guards remain loyal to their professional duties and are standing guard over the Homeland at a time when inviolability and reliable protection of the borders is so urgent.

Afterwards, UNEC students’ excursion to the military unit was organized.