Who are volunteers and what kind of duties they have?

Volunteer is a person –a person who voluntarily doing something useful for the people who need help. Volunteer has a family, job, personal life and at his spare time he is trying to help people who need that. This desire comes from the heart, so it is impossible to become a volunteer unconsciously or contrived. As a rule, all the aspirations of volunteers come from the heart, which tells them in which direction they can do something useful for other people.

At Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC), volunteers are considered a group of like-minded people united by a desire to support students with varying degrees of disability who receive education at our university.

The main mission – support, communication and friendship with students, aid in the course of employment, as well as in the process of involvement of students with varying degrees of disability in the social life of the university.


A few tips for beginner volunteers:

First of all, you have to be natural, it is not necessary to invent some special language for special students. They are quite normal students. They are not from another planet.

Be natural. Ask common questions that are of interest to you, and these students. It should be interaction, that is, the interest of both parties.

We can show students the creative qualities of character: kindness, sensitivity, care, ability to make friends, sincerity, honesty, in order to give them confidence, the ability to solve many problems on their own.

In addition, one of the aspects of volunteers is the responsibility not to use this activity to raise their self-esteem, for example: “I’m good, I did a good work!” In such a relationship friendship is born and it is necessary to inculcate students with a sense of confidence and stability in this kind of friendship.

Students are very sensitive to the attitude towards them, without words they can understand fake smile and how you feel sorry for them.

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