A Special Talents Group under the IER faculty of Azerbaijan State Economic University was established in 2001. The aim of the project is to apply advanced educational programs at the level of American and European Universities by intensively using contemporary information and telecommunication technologies. Hence, absolutely new conditions and opportunities have been created for the preparation of highly qualified economists. A curriculum of the STG is based on the curriculum of the Harvard University. It is an innovative and a modern curriculum.

The teaching staff in the STG consists of the academicians, professors, associate professors, managers and heads of the corporations. All of them graduated from the American and European Universities or completed different courses and received special certificates in different fields.

Information technologies are widely used for technical support of education process. A new software developed by our IT specialist and teachers is applied to assist mastering classes. It helps us to conduct online lectures and seminars widely using the opportunities of the internet. On the other hand, we use existing computer programs related to banking, international relations and audit, business, management, statistics, econometrics and others.

All lecture rooms of the STG are supplied with projectors and computers and all are connected to internet.

Graduates of our faculty receive a specialty in International Economic Relations. Each student of ASEU can continue his/her education in STG after completing the first year at university. In order to be admitted to the STG, they should pass exams on main subjects (English, Mathematics, Economics and Informatics). Each student passes an individual testing.

All courses in STG are in English. Besides it, French and German are also taught here.

The STG students regularly participate at international conferences, forums and competitions. After receiving bachelor’s degree from the STG, our students continue their education in other countries such as USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Portugal and Spain. In order to improve the quality of education process, we closely cooperate with the US Embassy in our country. The US experts are invited to conduct training at the STG within the “Fulbright” program.

Special attention is paid for correct organization of students’ free time. Thus, regularly arranged excursions, charity events, holiday celebrations became a tradition here.

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