The Translation Center established at UNEC

05 OCTOBER 2016 | VIEWS:

The Translation Center has been established at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

The Center will perform the translation of the economic textbooks and teaching materials taught in the leading world universities from English, French, German and Russian into Azerbaijani. In addition the center will carry out the publishing of these facilities and provision of the teaching and student staffs with the same literature. It will also enrich the book fund of UNEC by compiling economic dictionaries in English-Azerbaijani, French-Azerbaijani, Russian-Azerbaijani and German-Azerbaijani. The “Conversation Club” will also be available for the employees and students of the university in the Center.

The implementation of various conferences on interpretation, provision of opinions, making analysis and conclusions in accordance with the direction, development of analytic materials, cooperation with the relevant bodies of the international organizations and foreign countries and to learn the relevant international experience are planned to perform in the Translation Center.

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