Osmanov Bashir Osman

Osmanov Bashir Osman oghlu was born on March 31 1936 in Gozbarakh village of Zakatala region.

Within 1943-1952 he studied at the secondary school of Gozbarakh village. In the years of 1952-1955 he studied at the medical college of Sheki (Nukha).

In 1968 B.O.Osmanov graduated from Azerbaijan State University (present Baku State University) with honors.

Within 1959-1961 he served in the field of medicine, 1961-1963 as a lathe operator.
B.O.Osmanov has been serving at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (former Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy) since 1968-1971 when he was a teacher, then within 1971-2004 a senior teacher on Economic Theory.

Since 2006 he is the Assistant Professor of the Department “Economic Theory”.
He is married, has got three children and four grandchildren.