Senior / lecturer, Ahmadova Sevda Omar

She was born on June 4, 1952 in the city of Zagatala.

In 1959 she entered the secondary school No. 1 of that city.

She left school in 1969 with a golden medal.

In 1969 she entered  Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (now  Azerbaijan Technical University), in 1974 she graduated from the Institute of Technology. After graduating from the institute, she was sent to work in the Azeri Union.

In 1975-1976 she worked as an engineer-technologist, in 1976-1977 as an engineer-economist in the office of Azerbashkoonyeyinti  industry of AzerUnion.  In 1977-1979 as an engineer of the supply department, in 1979-1983 as a chief commodity expert of the supply department. In 1983-1998 she worked as a lecturer at the Baku Cooperative Technical School.


In 1985-1988, she studied at the pedagogical faculty of  Moscow Cooperative Institute, specializing in food commodity science.

In 2001-2006 she worked as a part-time teacher at the department of “Quality Examination of Consumer Goods” of the University of Economics, and since 2006 she has worked as a senior teacher at the same department.

Since 2010, she has been a senior lecturer at the department of” Commodity Science and Expertise of Food Products” of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

 2 textbooks, 1 methodical instruction, 7 programs, 10 scientific articles of hers have been published.

She is married, has two daughters and grandchildren.