The high school graduate getting 700 grade points at UNEC

13 JUNE 2018 | VIEWS:

The high school graduates of the Training Center “Ulduz”received the highest points at the entrance exams for the II specialty group participated in the “One day at UNEC”project.

Jale Rajabova, who had received 700 points at the entrance exams for the II specialty group, became the one day student of UNEC, as well.

The pro-rector of UNEC on International Relations and Programs, the associated professor Anar Rzayev spoke to the one day students about the international relations of UNEC, curriculum and specialties. A.Rzayev noted that, within the last two years the applicants who had received the highest points in the II specialty group studied at UNEC and he responded the questions of the one-day students were interested in.

The assistant to the rector of UNEC, the young teacher Ramil Jabbarov made the presentation at the university for the one-day students. Noting that, the UNEC was the only higher education institution in the country that provided the education in 4 languages, Jabbarov mentioned the innoivations implemented by this university.

Javad Aliyev, the first year student who had been enrolled in the International School of Economics of UNEC by receiving 700 grade points in the last year’s entrance exams, spoke about the advantages of becoming the UNEC student. He drew attention to the fact that, the Intra-university Dual Degree Programs, the special scholarships and the dual degree diploma programs carried out with the leading and prestigious European universities were applied only at UNEC and he said that it was the incredible opportunity for the students.

“Last year at that time I was facing the university election, and today I am already a student” said Aliyev, and added that choosing the UNEC was one of his decisive decisions in his life.

The one – day students were in the information tour on the territory of UNEC, and attended the process of examinations. In the meeting, the questions they interested in were answered.

It should be noted that, the applicants wishing to get education in the II specialty group for participating in the “One-day at UNEC” project can call the land line number 497-58-63, or can contact the official Facebook page of UNEC.

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