teacher Abbasova Sevda Ismayil

Abbasova Sevda Ismayil kizi was born on June 6 1975 in Duzqirkhli village of Tovuz region.

She first studied at the secondary school of village then completed her education in Sumgayit school of Math.

After secondary school she entered the School of “Social Sciences and Psychology” of Azerbaijan State University in 1992 and graduated from with the specialty an economist and a teacher of economic theory in 1997.



Within 1997-2000 she worked as a laboratory assistant at the Department of “General Economics” of Baku Institute of Commodity Research and Commerce, within 2000-2002 as a senior laboratory assistant at the Department of “General Economics” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics”. S.I.Abbasova served as 0,5 assistant at the Department of “Economic Theory-1” in the years of 2002-2011 and since 2012 she works as a teacher of the same Department.

She is married, has got two children.

List of scientific works