Professors of ADA” University at UNEC


Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) started a joint project with the “ADA” University. The goal of the project is to enable the public to take the advantage of the opportunities offered by the “ADA” University to their students. The “ADA” University Professors will conduct one-day classes at UNEC within the framework of the project.

The first open lesson was conducted in SABAH Group. Firstly, students were informed about “ADA” University in detail. Then Dr.Omar Farooq conducted a seminar on “Assessment resources” in English to SABAH students. Dr.Omar Farooq assessed the students’ comprehension ability positively and the capability to discuss highly within the lesson where the interactive teaching methods were applied.

Open classes of the “ADA” University Professors will go on tomorrow in the International School of Economics.

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