“AtaHolding’s” Training especially held for UNEC Students

27 APRIL 2017 | VIEWS:

“AtaHolding” organized training on “Improvement of the efficiency of Management in Enterprises and Systematic Approach to Management” especially for UNEC students.

Director of UNEC’s Career Center Fuad Aliyev spoke about the successful cooperation with “AtaHolding” which for brought management culture for the first time in Azerbaijan and organizes it in accordance with the international standards. He stressed the benefits of the trainings regularly held for UNEC students by the prestigious body.

UNEC students were in detail informed about the activity planning, provision of resources, compilation and application of business processes, monitoring of activity and provision of sustainable development by the employee of “AtaHolding” Elmaddin Huseynov within the training. In addition, a group activity in relation with the activity planning and compilation of business process was held.

As is known, quality services are the provision of the competitiveness of every company. The issues related with sustainable development, improvement of competitiveness, establishment of quality management system and human resources have been mentioned within the training.

At the end of the training Elmaddin Huseynov exchanged his views: “UNEC students demonstrate great interest to training. I think they will benefit from the information acquired both within their studies and work life”.

Students were awarded certificates in the end. 

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