Director of the Career Center: Jabbarov  Ramil Shahin

Telephone: +(994) 12 497-71-35



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The experience program from “Procter and Gamble” for the UNEC students (22.11.2017)
“Startup Day” at UNEC – “Perspectives for creating the startups with blockchain technology in Azerbaijan”
UNEC at “Moscow International Education and Career” exhibition
UNEC students observed working process in a prestigious company
UNEC’s undergraduate and graduate students will get a chance to pass a charged internship in a prestigious company
Training held at UNEC: “Development of Financial Statements”

Presentation of a Book held at UNEC: “Believe in Success, build your own Business”
The business world always needs independent and creative minded young people

The “Career Consultations Day” held at UNEC (27.04.2017)
“AtaHolding’s” Training especially held for UNEC Students (27.04.2017)
UNEC Students get acquainted with Vacancies and Career Opportunities in Sabail district (20.04.2017)
UNEC Students at the “Excelsior Hotel & Spa Baku” (20.04.2017)
UNEC Students are on the Way to Success- how to build a “personal PR” (18.04.2017)

Deloitte continues traditional trainings at UNEC (13.03.2017)
Career Center and the Holding Ernst & Young introduce the Project “Acquaintance with EY”

Career Center starts Trainings
Students’ next Info Tour to Famous Company (17.02.2017)

SABAH Students of UNEC visit Coca Cola Bottlers Company Azerbaijan (28.12.2016)
SABAH Students became acquainted with Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park
“Career Day” held at UNEC
Meeting with Specialists within the “Teacher is a Source of Power” Project
Training of UNEC Students by “Pasha Life Insurance”
A Chance offered to UNEC Students: “Success is in your own hand”
UNEC Students visit a Group of Companies Agro service
Head of the ABTA reveals the subtleties of Business Life
The Success Story of a Prestigious Company’s Financial Director spoken to UNEC Students

Efficient Offer made to UNEC Students
“Azersun Holding” welcomes UNEC Students (24.11.2016)
A Master-class by Corporate Sector held in the Financial Laboratory (24.11.2016)
UNEC Students got acquainted with the Modern Production Technologies (23.11.2016)
UNEC was represented in the seminars of “International Career Centers” (16.11.2016)
UNEC Students were interested with Career Opportunities in “Pasha Life” (07.11.2016)
The “Business Tea Break” Project of the Career Center continues (04.11.2016)

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The “Capital Markets Week” was launched at UNEC (24.10.2016)

Seminar held at UNEC: Step-by-step to Professionalism (13.10.2016)
UNEC Students and Graduates attend a Workshop on Career Opportunities

The Insurance Company “Ateshgah” presented Vacancies at UNEC
UNEC Students on info tour: “Accord Marble and Granit Ltd” (01.06.2016)
The Prestigious Company’s Employees met with UNEC Students (27.05.2016)
McKinsey & Company makes presentation at UNEC (17.05.2016)
UNEC Students will get a chance to build a career in a well- known company (12.05.2016)
Representatives of the organization “Young Business Factory” meet with UNEC Students (11.05.2016)
The Company Deloitte starts trainings for UNEC Students (05.05.2016)

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Training held at UNEC: Business Ethics (11.03.2016)

UNEC Students completed the training held by “Khalg Insurance” successfully (10.03.2016)
“Business Tea Break”: “FAB Paints and Chemical Industry” Ltd (07.03.2016)
“Khalg Insurance” starts new Project with UNEC (01.03.2016)
New Project of the Career Center: “Corporate Tea Break” (26.02.2016)
For UNEC Students: Secrets of the first step towards the Career  (21.12.2015)
“Graduate 2015″ Fair held at UNEC  (28.11.2015)
UNEC Students were acquainted with the Production Process of “Coca- Cola Bottlers”  (24.11.2015)
UNEC Students will benefit from “Pasha Life Insurance” Internship Program  (20.11.2015)
UNEC Students became familiar with the Career Opportunities in Bank (19.11.2015)
The “Open Door” day held by Azersun Holding for UNEC Students  (12.11.2015)
Next info tour of UNEC: “Pasha Life Insurance” OSC  (11.11.2015)
Next Info Tour: AYAN LTD (06.11.2015)
The next Information Tour by UNEC: «Accord Marble- Granite Ltd”  (29.10.2015)
Information Tour by UNEC Teaching and Student Staffs is in progress (23.10.2015)
UNEC hosts Career Day by “Azersun” Holding  (23.10.2015)
UNEC Teaching and Student Staffs got familiar with the well- known companies  (12.10.2015)
UNEC participates at the International Exhibition of Education and Career (09.10.2015)

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Career Center 

The Career Centre was established on November 26, 2008. The Centre is the joint project of the Azerbaijan State Economic University, Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan and International Labour Organization.

The main objective of the establishment of the Youth Career Centre is to carry out integrated organizational, technical, information, and consulting, training and education activities for increasing skills, knowledge and attitudes of, as well as resolving unemployment problems among the youth.


1. Preparation of database of students;
2. Creation of the incubation mechanism of students;
3. Creation and management of the «Youth Career Centre» internet portal;
4. Arrangement and implementation of labour fairs for the youth;
5. Establishment of analytic groups;
6. Development of business projects and organization of consulting services;
7. Determination of representatives (tutors) of the Centre at higher education institutions.

1. Preparation of electronic database

The database includes information questionnaires about skilled and educated students or graduates of the University who face employment problems. Moreover, information on public and private agencies which encounter human resources problem and have vacant places is also part of the database.

2. Preparation of the incubation mechanism of candidates

The incubation mechanism of candidates means organization of different business games, quizzes, as well as conferences, exhibitions with the application of different trainings, seminars, brainstorming on all specialities at the Centre in order to increase skills and knowledge of candidates who are entered the electronic database. Training and seminars are mainly going to be conducted by experienced specialists from public and private agencies that are partners of the Centre in this field.

3. Creation and administration of the internet portal «Youth Career Center»

The webpage «Youth Career Centre» will cover information on main operational directions of the Centre, trainings, seminars and conferences conducted, graduates fairs, carrier news and etc.

4. Arrangement of labour fairs for the youth

One of the strategic operational directions of the Centre is to arrange labour fairs for the youth.  One of the conceptual bases of a new economic education is to strengthen capacity of human resources, establish closer links between education and industrial internship for the training of high-qualified specialists, to support employment of students, as well as graduate youth. Arrangement of fairs plays an important role in that direction. In general, arrangement of fairs is the final stage of the education chain and considered as a new form of provision of employment to the youth in the condition of the market economy. State agencies, holding, and bank, insurance, manufacturing enterprises, information technologies and service providers will be represented at labour fairs for the youth and meet their potential need for human resources through fairs.


Creation of analytic groups

Different analytic groups will operate within the Centre. Those groups will make research on marketing, development dynamic of the labour market and demand for workforce in different fields, as well as develop particular quality criteria pertinent to skills and knowledge of jobseekers.

6. Provision of consulting services and preparation of business projects

One of the main strategic operational directions of the Centre will be to prepare business projects and provide consulting services. To this end, project proposals on different areas will be developed and accordingly implemented.

Consulting services will focus on marketing, accounting and audit, finance, information technologies, preparation of business plans and development of management system.

 7. Determination of representatives (tutors) of the Centre at higher education institutions

Relevant representative is planned to be assigned to each higher education institution in order to further facilitate working mechanism of the Centre, as well as coordinate activities between the Centre and institution.


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