axundova_gulnara_8061Gulnara Akhundova Isa

20.01.1961 –  was born in Baku Azerbaijan Republic


1978-1983 Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages

English and French teacher

Work Experience 

1984 -secondary school; : 126 , English teacher
1988-secondary school : 271,  English teacher
1994: secondary school 160
1997: Azerbaijan State Economic University

Department of Foreign Languages  ”  Senior English    teacher

From 1997 to 2018 year worked in the position of the foreign teacher at the Azerbaijan State Economics University.


Honorable Diplomas  

In 1988, awarded by the National Culinary Center
In 1999, awarded by the Ministry of Education
In 2001, awarded by the Ministry of Education
In 2005, the Children and Women’s Affairs Committee of honor
In 2007 actively participated in the international exhibition, certificate
I International Islamic Culinary Festival 2009 – Championship medal and diploma
2014 – The International Festival of Sheki sweets – a medal and a diploma for active participation
2015 – The International   Plov Festival – a medal and a diploma for active participation


Scientific articles:

The tests  for English language faculties of University of  Economics -test preparation
Azerbaijan State Architecture University, ” World Baku 2004″ – “The influence of the English language on Azerbaijani cuisine”
Scientific-practical magazine “Kulina” 2005-2010 “Cuisine of Technology terms”
The Council of Europe in Strasbourg, 2011 (article) – “Terms of Azerbaijani cuisine”
“Azerbaijan Culinary Encyclopedia” East – West 2012
Foundation 2014 – “Azerbaijani cuisine in the English language” – Guide
“SILKWAY” magazine, published in English, “Novruz cuisine and technological terms in the English language” N 3, 2015 ”
“Methods of Teaching English” 2017 Saratov State University, Russian Federation