Azerbaijan is a conciliatory force of Islamic World

21 APRIL 2017 | VIEWS:

The next event within the “Islamic Solidarity Year” was held in UNEC Faculty of Economics.

The Dean, Assistant Professor Asiman Guliyev spoke about the significance of the announcement of 2017 the “Year of Islamic Solidarity” within the event organized by the Department of International Relations. He stressed that the IV Islamic Solidarity Games to be held in Azerbaijan would make great contributions to the promotion of Islamic values in the world.

A Professor of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the ANAS Samad Bayramzade made a lecture on “Azerbaijan’s Place in Islamic World”. The reporter drew to attention that the “Islamic Solidarity Year” is a logical step in terms of converting Azerbaijan a conciliatory force in entire the Islamic world. He stressed our country to make contributions to the formation of an atmosphere of tolerance, to the establishment of multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue and promotion of Islamic values in the world.

At the end of the event S. Bayramzade’s books about the history of Islam were presented to the Department of “International Relations”

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