Dean: PhD in Econ. Eyvazov Elchin Tahmaz

Contact phone: +(994) 12 564-67-85

Address: 135 Hasan Aliyev Street
e-mail: [email protected]

Deputy Dean: Assoc.Prof.
Aliyev Mushirevan Ali

 Contact phone:
+(994) 12 564-67-85
[email protected]

Deputy dean:
S/t. Mursalov Rahim Shirgazi

Contact phone:
+(994) 12 564-38-53
[email protected]


A Secretary to the Faculty- Samadov Parviz Habib

Contact phone: 564-37-99


UNEC students’ mission – Formation of the international image of the capital UNEC (13.03.2018)
Mammad Araz poetry at UNEC
Councellor for Educational İssues to the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan at UNEC
The knowledge competition was held at UNEC
UNEC Student Scientific Society elects new Chairman
Scientific Seminar held at UNEC (01.06.2017)
UNEC Students debated Development Prospects of the National Economy (08.05.2017)
Subject Olympiad in the UNEC Faculty of Economics (02.05.2017)
“I UNEC Science Slam”- winner of the Faculty of Economics is defined (01.05.2017)
“Economics Classes” of UNEC (01.05.2017)

Azerbaijan is a conciliatory force of Islamic World (21.04.2017)
UNEC Students at the “Excelsior Hotel & Spa Baku” (20.04.2017)
A Scientific Workshop held in the School of Economics (14.04.2017)
UNEC Staff at the UNEC Martyr Mahir Mirzayev’s Grave (06.04.2017)

Scientific seminar was held in the Faculty of Economics (31.03.2017)
A Seminar held at UNEC: “Cancer is not Death” (21.02.2017)
A Scientific Workshop held at UNEC: “Azerbaijan’s Economy over the last year” (27.01.2017)
“The Strategic Roadmap” studied at UNEC (19.01.2017)
Training for UNEC Students: Ways to escape Pre-examination Stress

UNEC pays tribute to its Martyrs
The Poetry Contest held at UNEC (13.12.2016)
The “Re-Life” Project of “Clean City” at UNEC (29.11.2016)

Subject Olympiad held in the School of Economy (14.11.2016)
UNEC Students were interested with Career Opportunities in “Pasha Life”
A “Conversation Club” established under the School of Economics
Scientific Seminar held at UNEC: Management and Solution of Conflicts

Ways to develop Tourism are discussed at UNEC
UNEC Teaching staff’s articles in the journal of the University of Stanford of the US (22.06.2016)
UNEC Students: “We are His Followers” (11.05.2016)
A Conference held at UNEC: “Heydar Aliyev’s Contribution to Azerbaijan Economy” (10.05.2016)
Ecological Campaign at UNEC  (02.05.2016)
The Professors of Gazi University at UNEC  (25.04.2016)
The youth should get involved in our history (30.03.2016)
The Faculty of Economics and Industry: “Don’t Forget Khojali Genocide”  (26.02.2016)
UNEC Students are interested in History of Education (05.02.2016)
Master Class conducted by the teaching staff of ADA University at UNEC (25.11.2015)
UNEC celebrated the “Constitution Day” together with the combined school №189-190 (11.11.2015)
The Scientific- methodological Seminar held at the School of “Economics and Industry” (29.10.2015)

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Scientific Conference held at UNEC: “New Global Challenges and Sustainable Development” (11.05.2016)

Scientific Seminar held at UNEC: “Development Strategy of Business in Azerbaijan in Modern Condition” (26.04.2016)
China-Azerbaijan: Cooperation Center of the two Strategic Regions (14.03.2016)
UNEC Students celebrated the International Women’s Day March 8 (07.03.2016)
Students of IER visited the Museum of Education (05.02.2016)
A Workshop on the “Impact of Globalization on National Cultures” held at UNEC  (30.12.2015)
UNEC Students’ increasing interest in Science (21.12.2015)
Round-table discussion held at UNEC: “Export-oriented Clustering in Condition of Macro-economic Reality” (18.12.2015)
“InvestAZ” conducts training at UNEC (18.12.2015)


About the Faculty

To ensure the execution of the decision made by UNEC Academic Board on 29.02.2016 the Faculty of Economics was established in accordance with the decree signed on 13.07.2016 on the basis of the Faculties of International Economic Relations and Economy and Industry. In order to ensure the decree of the UNEC Scientific Council dated 31 may 2022, the name of the faculty ” Economics” has been changed into ” Economics and Management” since 28.06.2022.

The Faculty of International Economic Relations. This faculty started its activity in 1992. The establishment and operation of such a faculty, first of all was associated with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the demise of totalitarian regime, formation of free market relations, with the start of the transition to a market economy. Penetration of Azerbaijan into the international community and its recognition made the development of personnel on international economic relations necessary and this in turn to create a new faculty. In the first period of its existence the faculty called Commerce and International Economic Relations started its performance for the first time in the predecessor of the University of Economics ASIE. The first admission of students in this specialty was held in 1991 within the Faculty of Commerce.

The Faculty was run by the Dr. of Econ., Prof. A.H.Samadov within 1992-1995, by Can. of Econ., Assistant Prof. H.A.Israfilov in the years of 1995-2000, within 2000-2004 Can. of Econ., Assistant Prof. M.G.Mammadov and the Assistant Prof. M.I.Barkhudarov in 2014-2016.

Beginning from 2005 the faculty started to develop cadres in International Relations and the Department of “International Relations” has been founded under the Faculty.

Since 2009 for the first time in our Republic the development of personnel in World Economy began in the faculty. In this direction the preparation of highly skilled Bachelors in International Economic Relations, International Economic Relations on Regions (European Union, CIS, Northern America and South- Eastern Asian countries), International Trade, Organization and Management of Customs Affairs, International Currency- Credit Relations.

 DSC_0035 (1)18721241_1312583492161214_260121290_o18721627_1312580972161466_35034722_o

Regulations of the faculty

Scientific Council of the Faculty of Economics

Trade union of the faculty of Economics

Scientific activity of the faculty

Academic calendar for the 2021/2022 academic year

Distribution of first year students of the Faculty of Economics by groups (2019/2020)


Faculty of Economics and Industry. The faculty was established in 1930 years and performed under different names (Plan-economy, Planning of National Economy etc.), in 1980 the faculty was merged with ‘Economy of Industry’ faculty and named ‘Plan Economy’, since 1990, in line with the requirements of the transition period into the market economy, the faculty was renamed with ‘Regulation of Economy’.

Since 2009, as part of the structural changes within the University of Economics, as a result of the combination of two faculties – ‘Regulation of Economy’ and ‘Production and service sector economy’ a new faculty named ‘General economy’ was established.

 The faculty of Economy and Industry was headed by Associate professor Afrasiyab Mursalov, later Professor Alasgar Gasimov, Professor Asad Dilbazov, Associate Professor Firaddin Guliyev, Professor Arastun Akhundov, Professor Rasim Mammadov,  Associate Professor Kamil Gafarov, and Associate Professor Asiman Guliyev (2014-2021).

Currently, the faculty is called Economics. The Faculty of Economics and its departments have close scientific cooperation with foreign universities. The academic staff   of the faculty regularly gives scientific reports at various scientific forums held in foreign countries and in the country. In accordance with the agreements on mutual cooperation, faculty and students of the faculty visit foreign universities, exchange experience, speak at scientific conferences, publish scientific works, participate in summer schools, continue their education and hold various meetings.




The Department attached to the Faculty:

  • Economy
  • Public management and social innovation
  • Mathematics and Statistics


Specialties of the faculty:

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