Azerbaijan education in the world rating: NEW PROSPERITIES

13 OCTOBER 2017 | VIEWS:


It’s the result of successful policy in the education sphere that, Azerbaijan improved importantly its position in the World Education market, and in a number of International prestigious ratings. In this regard the evaluation of the World economic forum is especially admirable. So that the position of our country on the high education index improved 22 stages and promoted from 90th to 68th place last four years.

The education achievements are particularly admirable in some sub indicators. Last four years the education system quality indicator is promoted 69 stages (from 104th to 35th place). The quality indicator of management schools promoted 52 stages (from 124th to 72nd place). The quality of Mathematics and Scientific education indicator is improved 42 stages (from 108th to 66th place). The level of staff training indicator is improved 43 stages (from 94th to 51st place). The local specialized training services are promoted 35 stages (from 79th to 44th place). The indicator of internet access at schools promoted 28 stages (from 69th to 41st place).

We believe that, Azerbaijan education successful policy will get great achievements in future.

The annual dynamics of the indicators forming the “higher education” index

Years *



2014/15 2015/16 2016/17


in comparison with 2014/15

“The quality of education system” 104 107 72 35 69
“The quality of mathematics and
scientific education”
108 104 80 66 42
“The quality of management schools” 124 121 89 72 52
“The internet access at schools” 69 68 56 41 28
“Local specialized training services” 79 82 69 44 35
“The level of training staff” 94 90 82 51 43
General result on higher education 90 89 78 68 22
286 1