Senior /Lecturer,  Allahverdiyeva Ilhama Fakhraddin  

She was born on April 8, 1978 in Jafarli village of Gazakh region.

After leaving   school in 1995, in the same year she entered the Baku Commercial Institute of Commodity Studies, faculty of Commodity Studies, majoring in Non-Food Commodity Studies. In 1999 she graduated from the institute with a bachelor’s degree. In 1999, she entered the  masters  of the same faculty and graduated with honors.

In 2001, she began working as a senior laboratory assistant at the department of “Commodity and examination of non-food products.”


In 2002, she worked as an assistant at the department of “Quality Examination of Consumer Goods” of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics, and since 2004 she has been working as a senior lecturer.

She is the author of 1 textbook, 15 theses and scientific articles.

She is married and has two children.