14S/t Balabeyova Narmina Shikhamaddin kizi

Balabeyova Narmina Shikhamaddin kizi was born on June 2 1963 in Siyazan.

She studied at the secondary school within 1970-1980s.

In 1982 she entered Azerbaijan State Institute of the National Economics named after D.Bunyadzade. In 1987 she graduated from the School of “Economy and Planning the Industry” of the same institute.


Within 1989-1994 she served as a accountant of the firm “Orbita”, in 1997-1998 a laboratory assistant at Baku Planning Economic College, in 2003 a teacher at the Department of “Organization of Customs”.

Since 2013 N.S.Balabeyova is a senior teacher at the Department “International trade and Customs”.


List of scientific works