Senior lecturer. Jafarova Lilipar Ali

She was born on June 1, 1950 in the Basarkerch   province of Armenia.

In 1966 she graduated from Lankaran city school № 1.

In 1967   she entered the faculty of Technology of Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (now Azerbaijan Technical University).

In 1975   she   completed   her   education and was specialized in sewing technology




In 1974-1999 she worked as an engineer, researcher and teacher   at various institutions.

In 1999, she worked as an   hourly-graff   lecturer at   Baku State Commodity Research and Commerce Institute.

Since 2000 she had been working as an assistant at   Design Department of Azerbaijan State   University of   Economics   and since 2003 she  has been working as a lecturer.

At present she is the senior teacher of “Design” department.

She   is married, has four children and grandchildren