mal_rafiqa_fotoS/t. Ibrahimova Rafiga Adil

Ibrahimova Rafiga Adil kizi was born in Baku in 1942.

She finished the Secondary School 190 of Baku in 1960.

She got her education at the School of Economics of the Azerbaijan State University within 1960-1965.

In the years of 1965-1966 she served as an economist at the Azerbaijan branch of the State Bank of USSR.


Ibrahimova began her academic activity as a teacher, senior teacher at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics since 1966 until present.

She became an Assistant Professor of the Department in 2005.

Currently she is the Honorary Assistant Professor of the Department. She is also a member of the Scientific Council of the School.

List of the Scientific Works


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“I feel proud of my Native University’s this day!” (10.07.2017)