PhD in Econ., Assoc.Prof. Zeynalov Zakir Haji

Zeynalov Zakir Haji oghlu was born on June 7 1953 in Gizil-Hajili village of Marneuli region, Republic of Georgia.

He was admitted to the Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy named after D.Bunyadzade in 1971.

After he graduated the same institute he was appointed the economist to the Nasimi branch of Azerbaijan office of USSR State Bank.

He served at the military services within 1975-1976.

Z.H.Zeynalov continued his education entering the State Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1998.

He got his second specialty on “State and Municipal Management” from the same Academy in 2001.

Within the January of 1977-December of 1982 he had worked as an economist, senior economist and the main economist at the Head Office of Azerbaijan Bank of USSR State Bank.

He was the Head of the Department and Deputy Director at the Nasimi branch of the State Bank within 1982-1987.

In the years of 1987-1998 he was a Director of the October (current Yasamal) branch.

In 1998-2000s he was appointed the Chairman of the Board of Azerbaijan Industrial Investment Joint Stock Commercial Bank.


Within 2000-2004 he was appointed the Chairman of the Board of the United Universal Bank.

He entered the post graduation of the Saint Petersburg State Financial-Economic University in 2004 and successfully defended his dissertation at the same University; in 2008 he became PhD in Economics.

He carried out the institutional renovation works within the preparation for privatization in UUB through a 3-year mutual cooperation and effective management-banking experience with the Europe’s leading banks. He had made special contributions to the improvement and preparation for full privatization of the UUB (current Capital Bank).

In the years of 2008-2012 he was the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Finance Leasing” OSC.

Since October of 2008 Z.H.Zeynalov is 0,5 teacher of the Department Banking of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

He became a senior teacher of the Department “Banking” of ASUE in 2013.

Zeynalov is the author of 1 book, more than 18 scientific articles and theses. He has completed the training aid “Banking Leasing”.

He is married, has got three children.

List of Scientific works