The forum on the topic “Transition to Knowledge-Based Economy: the Potential Opportunities”


The forum on the topic “Transition to Knowledge-Based Economy: the Potential Opportunities” was held at the UNEC. The forum was organized jointly by the UNEC International Economics School (ISE) and the High Technology Park LLC and by the sponsorship of the Bank Republic.

The rector of UNEC, Professor Adalat Muradov delivered the keynote speech and emphasized the importance of transition to a knowledge-based economy. The rector emphasized the necessity of unity of experience with theoretical knowledge, noting that the training of personnel based on purely practical training in modern times is not very useful. The rector noted that, the teaching process at the UNEC was carried out taking into account the requirements of the practice, and noted that the wide cooperation with the real sector was established at the Azerbaijan State Economic University. Emphasizing the necessity of the current event as one from this series of events targeted at practical application of the concept of knowledge economy, the rector said that the project was the first step in the said area.

Focusing on coordinating of education with practice, the UNEC is working on the new educational standards for the II specialty group.  At present UNEC together with the real sector is working on a new curriculum. In order to improve the package of proposals developed by our specialists in this direction, the UNEC is gathering proposals regarding the document from the central executive authorities and the large companies. “We should not train the staff only for employers, taking into account that in some cases the employers do not meet modern requirements, and do not apply the new management, administerial models”.
The UNEC graduates themselves should create the new workplaces rather than look around for a job.

Noting that the UNEC has decided to develop the Knowledge Economy Concept, the rector said the Economics University was ready for possible proposals in this direction.

One of the strategic directions of cooperation of UNEC with the business world is the “UNEC2B” Platform. Within the framework of this project the joint activities are ensured for the adaptation of education to labor market requirements, creation of a model of Entrepreneurship University and for the employment of graduates. By ensuring that its graduates are qualified personnel, the UNEC is committed to eliminate the potential gaps in the knowledge and skills of its alumni found by the employer, at its own expense through additional training and preparation courses.

Noting his satisfaction on holding from this series of events the rector expressed his gratitude to the management of “High Technology Park” LLC and Bank of Republic in regard with launching a new cooperation. Within the framework of the forum, the director of “High Technology Park” LLC Tural Kerimli expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the organization he represented was the co-organizer of the event. Speaking of the relevance of university-state-industry cooperation and possible development perspectives, the guest noted that  the main goal of the Park was to support the “start-ups” in the field of technology. T. Kerimli noted that, the Head of State defined as a goal the transforming of Azerbaijan from the energy exporting country into the technology exporting country. The speaker noted that, a number of measures in this direction had already been implemented, and it would be possible to transfer to knowledge-based economy through the joint cooperation of the institutional, real and educational sector. T. Kerimli emphasized that the large corporations around the world had transferred their scientific databases to the educational institutions by restricting the operations of their labs, saying that the technology parks are becoming more and more active members of the private sector rather than investment location. T. Kerimli, noting that the establishment of the Innovation Agency in the country by the decree of the President was an important step, said that the enterprise had all necessary capabilities.

Within the framework of the the event, the  CEO of the “Bank of Republic”,  Elshad Valiyev made a speech, emphasizing the necessity of the event and wished the success to the participants.

Then, in the first panel of the event, which continued with presentations, Altay Ismayilov, the head of the UNEC International Economics (English speaking) Chair made the presentation on the subject the “Criteria of Knowledge Economy Index”. The speaker touched upon such issues as the criteria of the knowledge economy index, the mechanism of application of U-D-S (University-State-Industry) model within the framework of knowledge economy, innovation ecosystem and the transfer of technology.

 The director of UNEC Center for Empirical Research Khatai Aliyev made a speech at the forum, delivered the report on the concept of knowledge economy, and the knowledge index.

In the second panel of the forum, the speeches were made on the topics of the position of the National Innovation System (NIS) in the knowledge economy, the development stages of the ICT and the transition to the knowledge economy, and was highlighted the important role of the National Innovation System (NIS) in the formation of the innovative model of the developing countries.

Later on, there were delivered the speeches on the new educational paradigms in the knowledge economy: the direction of the changing role of universities and the economic and institutional framework of the knowledge economy; was discussed the position of education and institutional framework in the formation of knowledge economy.

 In the last part of the forum, a final debate was held among rapporteurs and forum participants and the specific proposals have been made to establish and develop the knowledge economy in Azerbaijan.

The representatives from public and private sectors participated in the forum.

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