The British Company lectures to SABAH Students

27 APRIL 2016 | VIEWS:

The representatives of Trans Tech Capital based in Great Britain Simon Robeson, David Levesley and Mahmut Sinoplu have lectured to SABAH students of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on “Innovation Management”.

Lecturing on Innovation policy S.Robeson has spoken about the British experience on innovation policy. Noting Azerbaijan’s potential in innovations development, the guest highlighted the importance of the President Ilham Aliyev’s quotation “The country’s future directly depend on the level of scientific potential”.

Finally, interactive discussion with UNEC teaching staff Azer Bayramov has been made.

The representatives of the company attended the lecture on Innovation Management which realizes the funding of innovative projects and transfer of technologies on the area of ICT.

Note: teaching of the discipline “Innovation Management” is being conducted in SABAH Groups of UNEC for the first time in Azerbaijan.

Trans Tech Capital background:

The Trans Tech Capital cooperates with the Universities of Oxford and Manchester of Great Britain on technology transfer. The company also carries out the activity in developing innovative projects and technology transfer in Azerbaijan.

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