qah_qiymat_fotoCand.of Econ., Assoc.Prof. Bayramov Gahraman Saleh

Assoc. Prof. Bayramov Gahraman Saleh oghlu was born on March 8 1959 in Goychay.

Within 1976-1980 he studied at the Azerbaijan State Institute of the National Economy and graduated from with honors.

In 1980-1989s he served as an economist at the Scientific-Research Institute of Economics under the State Planning Committee of Azerbaijan and was promoted as a senior scientist.

In the years of 1989-1992 he served in the State Planning Committee of Azerbaijan, then in the State Committee of Economics and Planning and Azerbaijan State Committee of Economics as a senior- specialist, Head of the section and then the Department.



G.S.Bayramov has been working at the Department of “Pricing and Evaluation” of the current Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

He became a Candidate of Economy in 1993, since 2001 he is the Associated Professor.

Bayramov made speeches in international and republic scientific-practical conferences, international congress and workshops and published his scientific articles on the pages of the local and foreign media.

He is an author of 2 textbooks on “Price Formation and Evaluation”, 2 training aids, about 30 scientific articles and many programs and methodological instructions.

He is a Deputy Chairman of the Free Trade Unions Committee of the University. Bayramov is married, has got 2 children.


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“The Strategic Roadmap” studied at UNEC (19.01.2017)