Cand.of Econ., Assoc.Prof. Aliyev Ganbar Imamgulu

Aliyev Ganbar Imamgulu oghlu was born on December 21 1939 in Kelbejer region of Azerbaijan Republic.

In 1957 he finished the secondary school of Kelbejer with honorary certificate and was admitted to the School of Finance-credit of the Institute of National Economy named after S.M.Kirov. He graduated from the School of “Economics” of the Azerbaijan State University named after S.M.Kirov in 1962.

In 1972 G.I.Aliyev was awarded with “Jubilee Medal” and the “Honorary Order” of the State Planning Committee of USSR.

In 1974 he defended his Candidate’s paper and became Candidate of Economy.

Within 1962-1968 he worked at Azerbaijan branch of the Construction Bank of USSR, in 1968-1077ss at the Scientific-Research Institute of the State Planning Committee and in the years of 1977-1997 he worked at the Azerbaijan State Institute of Building Engineers.


Since 1997 he has been serving at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. He was a chairman of the School trade unions in different periods of time. G.I.Aliyev had published about 60 scientific articles and theses in different editions and conferences in Moscow, Kiev and Baku; took active part in the preparation of various training facilities, as well as syllabuses and methodological instructions.

In 2007 he was the author of the seventh and the eighth chapters of the training aid “Banking” by the Assist. Prof. Bashirov, in 2008 of the textbook “Financing and Crediting of Investment”, in 2012 of the 12th chapter of the textbook “Money and Banks” and “Investment in the Sphere of Monetary Credit relations” by the employees of the chair.

Subjects conducted by G.I.Aliyev:

  • “Financing and Crediting of Investment”
  • “Banking”
  • “Money and Banks”

He is married, has got a child and two grand children.


“I feel proud of my Native University’s this day!” (10.07.2017)