mustafa1805Sadigov Mustafa Mammadsadig oghlu

Sadigov Mustafa Mammadsadig oghlu was born in Baku in 16.01.53.

He graduated from the School of Mechanics and Mathematics of Azerbaijan State University in 1975 and from the School of Planning the National Economy of the Institute of National Economy in 1982.

He defended the Candidate’s paper on “Application of the Mathematical Methods in Economic Researches” in 1992.

He got MBA degree within the TASIC Program in Holland in 1998.

He served as a junior research fellow in the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences in the years of 1975- 1978, within 1978-1979 as a junior research fellow in the Institute of Scientific-technical Information of the State Planning Committee, as a senior research fellow in 1979-1982 and the Head of the Section of the Scientific Research Institute of the Economic and Social Development of Baku city in 1985-1989ss.


He served as a teaching staff member, senior teacher and an Assistant Professor of the Department of “Regulation of Economy” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics since 1989 and he is the author of 28 scientific-methodological works. He became the coordinator of the European TASIC Program on the university in 1995-1998. He has been running the Department of Science since 2006.

He was awarded with the badge of the “Distinguished Person of Science of the Republic of Azerbaijan” for his achievements in educating the young generation in October of 2015.


Sadıqov Mustafa