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Head of the Department of “ECONOMIC ANALYSIS AND AUDIT”, associate professor Hanifa Alhuseyn Jafarli

He was born in Karrar village of Kurdamir region in 1967. Finished Karrar village secondary school of Kurdamir region in 1984. He was in military service during 1985-1987, earned excellent military serviceman title.

He graduated form Azerbaijan State Institute of Economics, the department of Account-economics in 1994.

Graduated from post-graduate degree of the same Institute in 2005 and defending dissertation get the title of candidate on economic sciences. Graduating International law department of International Relations Institute of Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko in 2007, he get the Master’s degree on international law qualification.

From 1984 until 2004 he had been working as accountant, chief accountant, deputy chairman in charge of finance-economic issues, first deputy chairman at “Azerenergybuildingconstruction” and from 2000 till 2004 he was appointed the acting chairman of “Azerenergybuildingconstruction” Stock Company.

From 2005 until November 2011 he worked as lector, senior lector and associate professor in the “Economic analysis and audit” chair of Azerbaijan State Economic University. From November 2011 till nowadays he has been director of the “Economic analysis and audit” chair of Azerbaijan State Economic University.

He is the author of more than 50 scientific and training -methodical articles, including 1 textbook, 8 training-methodical manuals, 20 educational programs, 20 scientific articles and 7 thesis.

Married. He has four children.


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