Head of the Center: Ahmadova Esmira Mirmammad

Adress: UNEC I Academic Building   ( Istiqlaliyyat Street, Baku)
Contact: + (994) 12 492-60-45

e-mail: airmerkezi@unec.edu.az





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The UNEC Research Center for Analytical Information Resources was established in accordance with the Decision No. 136.4 of the March 19, 2015 of  Academic Council of Azerbaijan State University of Economics and the UNEC Rector Order 598/3/2015.

According to the order of the UNEC Rector No. 460/3/2019, the center was entrusted to Esmira Mirmammad Ahmadova, on public bases.


Participation in the preparation of highly qualified specialists, conducting fundamental, applied and exploratory research activities, involvement of faculty, doctoral students and university students in research activities.


design of a system of indicators for the statistical database;

collection of statistical data from relevant sources;

systematization of data by relevant blocks;

performing analytical and statistical analysis on the basis of available data;

formation of targeted electronic resources in accordance with the content of training programs and research;

preparation of information resources, indexes, databases, analyzes and relevant information systems for paid users;

rendering of statistical services on a paid basis to legal and physical persons, analysis, forecasting of activities of business entities, organization of statistical and sociological surveys in various directions, conducting market research and marketing analysis;

Participate on a fee basis in the development of various databases and analytical analyzes;

Preparation of proposals for software applications, output schedules, broadcast formats, etc.;

Identification   of software goals for database structure, analytical analysis, etc.




Head of RC- Ahmadova Esmira Mirmammad


– Teymurova Vusala Eybulla  – candidate of Economic sciences, Associate Professor, UNEC

– Rustamov Elnur Shahismail  – lecturerer, UNEC



«Methodology of ranking of universities and educational programs of Azerbaijan» preparation of technical task


OUR GOAL: (Things to  do)

Creation of working groups;
Formation of volunteer student groups;
Exchange of experience and cooperation with similar internal and external agencies;
Preparation of regional and world leading trends analysis;
Information technology support, etc.
Monitoring of the labor market and higher education institutions, adaptation of scientific research and specialty requirements.
Research of higher education system
Development of Information and Analytical –  information products
Creating a unique database based on the above


Benefits for Azerbaijan State University of Economics

The practical significance is the link between theory and practice
Interaction of the University with enterprise and enterprises through the AIR Center
Transformation of the University from educational institution to educational research institution
Income generation
Upgrading the University’s rankings
Presentation of the University not only as educational services, but also as a producer of information and analytical products.



20th International Symposium on Econometrics, Operations Research and Statistics with Associated Professor of Economics of the Purdue University USA Mohitosh Kejrival and Prof. Dr. Murat Atan in the Hacı Bayram Veli University.