Head of the Center: Sannur Nizamaddin  Aliyev

Address: UNEC I   Academic building
Contact phone: + (994) 12 492-60-45
e-mail: bieiutmerkezi@unec.edu.az

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UNEC Research Center for Development of International Economic Cooperation was established in accordance with the Decision No. 165 of the Academic Council of Azerbaijan State University of Economics on May 29, 2019 and the UNEC Rector Order 546/3/2019.

According to the order of the rector of UNEC No. 707/3/2019, the leadership of the centre was entrusted   to PhD in Economics Sannur Nizamaddin Aliyev on public bases.


Carry out research in the economic and social sciences, share the problems, suggestions and recommendations that emerge as a result of the research with the scientific community, the public, the public and the private sector;

Promote research and to make proposals for the solution of problems arising in this area;

Act in other directions as defined by the legislation



*To carry out scientific research works and projects;

*Organization of international and national conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables, trainings;

*Preparation and printing of publications in different languages;

*Preparation of reports, brochures, research papers, articles, newsletters, books, etc.;

*Collaborate with research centers, institutions, universities and private sector representatives both domestically and abroad;

*To ensure that the appeals and inquiries on the directions of activity are considered in accordance with the legislation;

*To provide realization of the concept of development of the university within its competence;

*Preparation of reports of the Center’s work plan and activities;

*To provide protection of service information in the course of activity of the Center in accordance with the legislation;

*To perform other duties stipulated by the legislation in accordance with the directions of activity.


Head of the RC- Director of the International Economic Cooperation Department, Ph.D. Aliyev Sennur Nizamaddin


Orujov Samir Zakir oglu – Economics lecturer  at ADA Business School

Aliyeva Gunel Zakir  – Doctoral student in Econometrics and Statistics of the Scientific Research Institute of Economic Reforms of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan