Head of the centre: Doctor of phys.scien., prof. R.M. Rzayev

Address: II academic bulding of UNEC
Contact phone: + (994) 012 564 67 36

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SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH  CENTER  FOR COMPOSITION MATERIALS  was established in accordance with the Decision No. 164 of the Academic Council of Azerbaijan State University of Economics on February 28, 2019,  by the  Order of the rector of UNEC 188/3/2019 dated March 29, 2019.

According to the Order of the Rector of UNEC No. 564/3/2019 dated July 22, 2019 the head of the department of “Physics and chemistry” Doctor of phys.scien., prof. R.M. Rzayev was entrusted with the leadership of the Centre  on public basis.


Participation in the preparation of highly qualified specialists, conducting fundamental, applied and exploratory research activities, involvement of the academic staff, doctoral students and university students in research activities


– to establish close links on education  between the relevant faculty or department of the university in which they operate;

  • conducting of fundamental, application and exploratory research on approved routes;
  • assisting departments of higher education institutions, enterprises and other organizations of national economy in mastering and creation of new methods and technology, devices and materials




Head of the research centre: Head of the Department of Physics and Chemistry: doctor of physical scien., professor, RM. Rzayev


  1. Professor of the Department of Physics and Chemistry, doctor of physical sciences, professor. Rena Babayeva
  1. Associate Professor of the department of “Physics and Chemistry”, Ph.D.in Physics, Ahmedova Arzu Musa
  2. Senior Lecturer of the department of “Physics and Chemistry”, PhD Vusal Usub Mammadov
  1. Professor of the department of “Semiconductor Physics” of BSU doctor of Physical Sciences,  Jafarov Maarif Ali
  2. Professor of the department of” Physical Electronics” of BSU, Doctor of Physical Scien.  Mamadov Huseyn  Mikail
  3. Professor of the Institute of Radiation Problems of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences , Abdullayev Adil Polad
  1. Head of Scientific Research Department of High Technology Research Center under Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, Doctor of Physical and Math.Scien, Professor, Jabbarov Rasim Baba
  2. Leading Researcher of Scientific Research Institute of Physical Problems of BSU, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Assoc.Professor,  Bayramov Kazanfar Muzaffar
  3. Senior research worker of Scientific Research Laboratory, “Elegant Organic Synthesis” of the Faculty of Chemistry of BSU, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Ali Nariman Khalilov
  4. Senior research worker of “Non-equilibrium electronic processes in semiconductors” laboratory of Institute of Physics of ANAS,  PhD in Physics., Naqiyev Tural Qulu


Development of physical and chemical bases of creation of promising materials with practical application.


- Development of technological bases for acquisition of composite systems of different content.

- Study of physical and chemical parameters of composite systems of different composition.

- Improvement of experimental facilities and analysis of results