Head of the Center: can. of  Econ. scien. Khanlar Zadeh Sarvinaz Mammad Hasan

Address: I Academic building of UNEC
Contact phone: + (994) 012 492 72 98

e-mail: miimerkezi@unec.edu.az


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The UNEC Research Center for Islamic Economics was established in accordance with the decision No. 162 of the Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics on December 6, 2018 and the UNEC Rector Order 595/3/2018.

According to the order of the UNEC Rector No. 895/3/2018, the center is entrusted to candidate of Economic sciences Khanlarzadeh  Sarvinaz Mammad Hasan on publis bases.

MEYBULLAYEV ISLAMIC ECONOMIC CENTER   organizes the work to study, disseminate and develop the Islamic economy within the scope of  its authority.

The Center carries out its activities in accordance with the existing legislation on the basis of contracts with public, private and foreign enterprises.

In carrying out its duties and rights, the Center interacts with UNEC structural units, government agencies, scientific and educational institutions, the corporate sector and other organizations.


Dissemination and development of knowledge in the Islamic economy in the country;

Conducting research in the Islamic economy and issuing publications;

Holding conferences, seminars, symposiums and other intellectual discussions on Islamic economy;

Application of advanced Islamic banking services and technologies in the financial system of the country, including joint projects held with local, foreign and international organizations;

Ensuring the development of the relevant sector.


cooperation with other educational centers for the development of the Islamic economy;

to conduct research in the Islamic economy and to make proposals for appropriate action;

to take measures to provide researchers with the necessary economic information in the field of Islamic economy;

development of curricula and methodological manuals for studying Islamic economy

regularly analyze international studies related to the Islamic economy and make proposals for the development of the Islamic economy;

To ensure the implementation of the University’s development concept within our mandate.


Our team:

Head of the research centre – candidate of Economic sciences Khanlar Zade Sarvinaz Mammad  Hasan


- Atakishiyev Ruslan Bahyaddin – lecturer   of the department of   “Economics and Management” of UNEC



The Memorandum was signed between Meybullayev Islamic Economic Center and Public Union for the Study of Economic Resources. February 22, 2019.

Event on “Islamic finance: modern trends and development prospects” (12.03.2019)

Event on “Non-interest-free banking and its application in Azerbaijan” (10.04.2019)

Scientific seminar organized by the faculty of Business and Management   with Meybullayev Islamic Economic Center: “Islamic Economy, Social Justice and Multicultural Values” (29.05.2019)

Seminar on “Islamic Economy: Realities and Perspectives” (26.10.2019), was held  by joint organization of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology (AIT), Islamic Economic Resource and Research Center (IERRC) and Azerbaijan State  University of Economics  (UNEC) and Meybullayev Islamic Economic Center (26.10.2019)

Realities and perspectives of Islamic economy were discussed at   the Institute of Theology (azertag.az – 26.10.2019)

Seminar on “Realities and perspectives of Islamic economy”  in AII. (ait.edu.az – 26.10.2019)