Heads of the center:

prof. Shakaraliyev Arif Shakarali
prof. Karimov Irshad Abdul oglu

e-mail: xtdmerkezi@unec.edu.az

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About the center

The Foreign Trade Support Center was established by the decision of the UNEC Scientific Council dated 28.04.2017 and the order dated 23.06.2017.

From 11.10.2017, Head of the Department of  CENTER FOR FOREIGN TRADE SUPPORT  was entrusted to the head of the department of  “Organization of Trade and Customs”, prof. Arif Shakaraliyev and Head of the Department of International Economics Prof. Irshad Karimov.

Activity directions of the center

- develops proposals on foreign trade promotion and establishes cooperation with international organizations;

- submits proposals on international economic relations and foreign investment activities, attraction and promotion of foreign investments;

-Provides consulting services in the development of entrepreneurship, assistance to entrepreneurs and exporters;

- Provides information on international trade rules, marketing support and training for exporters in the country and to promote non-oil exports;

– provides development of the relevant field;

– It operates in other directions provided by the legislation.



The tasks of the center

- creation of database on investments and export opportunities;

- to promote the right of exporters of the country to select foreign markets for their products and to negotiate with potential customers;

- import procedures, customs regulations, certification rules, etc. provision of information on the issue;

- Participate in activities aimed at promotion of Azerbaijani goods, works and services to foreign markets;

- to carry out researches in the field of foreign trade activity and make proposals on taking appropriate measures;

- to take measures to provide the participants of foreign trade activities with the necessary economic and legal information;

- to make proposals on legislative acts on export control and regulation of foreign trade activity;

- to analyze the conjuncture of the world goods and services markets, to make recommendations on the directions of their activities based on the results obtained;

- systematically analyze international reports on foreign trade issues and make proposals for improving foreign trade;

- to inform exporters of the country about international exhibitions and events;

- to ensure that the appeals and inquiries on the directions of activity are considered in accordance with the legislation;

- to provide realization of the concept of development of the university within its competence;

- preparation of reports on the work plan and activities of the center;

- ensuring the protection of service information by employees of the Center in accordance with the legislation in the course of their activities;

- to perform other duties stipulated by the legislation in accordance with the directions of activity.

Babayev Bahruz Natiq -Programme manager of UNEC Bisness school
Azizov Tarlan Iman – PhD student of UNEC