S/t Aliyev Navai Shakhlar oghlu

He was born on June 18 1965 in Mingechevir.

Within 1972-82 he got the secondary education in Mingechevir city secondary school 7.

He served in the military unit of Leningrad (current Saint-Petersburg) within 1984-1986.

In the years of 1986-1991 he studied in the faculty of Economy of Taras Shevchenko Kiev State University in Political Economy. In 1992-1995 he completed a post-graduation of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

He served a senior inspector of the Science Department of Azerbaijan State University of Economics in 1997-2000.


He worked a teaching staff of the Department of “Finance and Financial Institutions” of the University of Economics since 2000.
Currently he is a senior teacher of UNEC Department “Finance and Financial Institutions”.
He is a Deputy Director of UNEC’s Training-Methodical Center.

N.Aliyev is married, has got two children.