PhD candidate, Tahmasib Alizada

e-mail: tahmasib.alizada@unec.edu.az

He is a member at the Chair of International Economics and is teaching the courses of “Introduction to Economics”, “Microeconomics” and “Innovation and Investment Policies”


In 2017, he was a guest researcher at the University of Siegen within the one-month “EE KEY-AZ” program. Currently, he is a visiting research scholar at the Graduate College “The Economics of Innovative Change” under the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

He is an author and co-author of academic articles, papers and research papers. He participated in different international scientific conferences

PhD reserach topic

The role of Innovation-based Economic Development Strategies in the provision of Inclusive Development


In 2009-2013 he was a bachelor student at Azerbaijan State University of Economics, the Faculty of International Economic Relations and gained a bachelor degree economics within the specialization of “World Economy”.  In 2013-2014 he was a master student at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and gained a master of science in economics within the specialization of “Innovation and Change”. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in economics at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).



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