tahmasib55Alizade Tahmasib Jamiyyat

e-mail: tahmasib.alizada@unec.edu.az

Tahmasib Alizada is a member of International Economics Department. On July 2016 he has participated at the Conference of “40 Years of Cambridge Journal of Economics”, which was held at Cambridge University, UK. A lot of economists and scientists from all over the world has participated with papers at this conference and discussed several topics. UNEC representative Tahmasib Alizada has discussed the current situation and future perspectives of economic studies with representatives of Cambridge University.

He is the host of DISKURS.AZ program in Radio UNEC since may 2016. This program is dedicated to the most readied and discussed articles of Diskurs.az virtual economic forum.

Tahmasib Alizada’s article “IV Industrual Revolution: expectations and main goals” is the most discussed article of the week, May 2016, on virtual economic platform – diskurs.az


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