Winners of the Competition of Scientific Articles are awarded


Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students of the scientific articles contest held within the “Science Month” have been awarded at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

The nominee doctor Irade Pashayeva was honored to I place for her article on “Необходимость внедрения системы управленческого учета в высшие бюджетные образовательные учреждения”. Graduate student Khanimnaz Hasanova became the winner of the competition for her article on ““Влияние культурного фактора при разработке маркетинг-микса на международном рынке” and an undergraduate student of the Russian School of Economics Minaya Huseynova for “Impact of Tourism to Azerbaijan Economy and Perspectives”.

It should be noted that the “Science Month” was held within October-November 2016 at UNEC. Scientific seminars, round-table discussions with the participation of the well-known scholars and economists of the country were organized and professors’ reports on the Laureates of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economy were heard within the period. At the same time, the competition of scientific articles on “Azerbaijan’s Socio-economic Development: Achievements and Perspectives” written by the academic staff, young scholars, graduate and undergraduate students were held within the “Science Month”.

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