Cand.of Econ., Assoc.Prof. Barkhudarov Mansur Isa

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Deputy Director:
Dr of Econ., Prof. Mammadov Elshad Yagub 

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Deputy Director:
Eyyubov Anar Kurdoghlu

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Deputy Director:
senior teacher Mammadova Svetlana Yevgeni

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An Intellectual Competition held at UNEC (29.11.2016)
An Intellectual Competition held at UNEC (29.11.2016)
Meeting with the Students distinguished with Scientific Activities in the Russian School of Economics (28.11.2016)
Head of the FUU’s Department lectures to UNEC Students: “Socio-psychological Aspects of Modern Migration” (24.11.2016)
Advisor to the Russian Ambassador: “The Embassy is open to students of all possibilities” (22.11.2016)
UNEC Students visited the National Hero’s Family (10.11.2016)
Deputy of Tyumen Regional Duma revealed the Success Formula for UNEC Students (04.11.2016)
Young Teachers of the Tyumen State University visited UNEC (31.10.2016)
Famous Russian Scholars lectured at UNEC (29.10.2016)
Presentation at UNEC: “Model of United Nations” (21.10.2016)
The New Season of Intellectual Competition starts (17.10.2016)
UNEC Students were informed about the Russian School of Economics  (06.10.2016)

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Information about the Russian School of Economics


The Russian School of Economics(RSE) has been established on 14.07.2016 to ensure the implementation of the decision dated 29.02.2016 by the Academic Board of Azerbaijan State University of Economics. The Russian Language Training Center is called the Russian School of Economics since 22.05.2017.

Along with the integration to Russian-speaking education area and benefitting from the advantages of this space, the establishment of the School is targeted in attracting Russian-speaking overseas students to UNEC. At the same time, to be focused on directing experience of economic education in the Russian language has been set as a goal. Therefore, the RSE is designed to train highly qualified economist personnel on the basis of the practice- oriented curriculum.

Beside the UNEC’s teaching staff, as well as leading Russian speaking and Western economist scholars and experts will conduct classes at RSE. Well-known Russian and Western businessmen,top managers will conduct master- classes and workshops here. In addition, the students are intended to be sent to pass their internship in the prestigious corporate bodies of Russia.

Management of training in Russian sector from the unified space is beneficial for increasing the level of education in Russian at UNEC, improving governance, developing the integration between the majors and improving the mobility of teachers and students. And it serves to the training of highly skilled economist specialists.

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Specialties of the faculty:

- Finance
- Accounting

- Economy
- Ecology
- Social work
- International trade and logistics
- Business management
- Management
- Marketing

 The department attached to the faculty:

Economics (in Russian)

UNEC is the only economic-oriented university of Southern Caucasus region providing education in four languages. The School of Turkic World of Business Administration which provide teaching in Turkish and the School of International Economics which provide teaching in English perfume at UNEC. The languages taught at the higher education institution are separated into faculties and schools by establishing the Russian School of Economics. Along with ensuring the higher quality in education, this will bring to improving students satisfaction and socialization of the students.*

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The Russian sectors of all majors of UNEC are gathered at the Russian School of Economics. Development of highly skilled personnel on 11 majors-Finance, Accounting and Audit, Economics, Organization and Administration of Industry, Ecology, International Relations, World Economy, Marketing, Commerce, Management and Business Administration are being carried out at the Russian School of Economics. Only full- time undergraduate students study at the Russian School Economics. Students majoring in the Russian sector of the Schools of Technology and Design and Commodity Research continue their education in the content of their faculty.

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