ARC French-language scholarship exchange program for UNEC students

23 JANUARY 2020


The Higher School of Management, a part of UNEC and the University of Western Switzerland’s School of Applied Sciences and Art, is announcing competition for the ARC scholarship exchange  Program for French-language UNEC students.

The exchange program for the fall semester will begin on September 14, 2020.


– Economics
– Management
– Business management

Can attend:

UNEC students who can speak at least B2 French (3rd year Bachelor, 1st year Master)

Required documents:

– CV
– The letter of motivation in French
– Transcript (UOMG over 70)
– French certificate (if any)

Opportunities offered  for UNEC students (French):

– 750 CHF (approx. 1315 AZN) scholarship;
– Medical insurance;
– A month intensive French language courses;
– Free transport passage;
– Free registration in sports clubs.

Deadline: February 7, 2020
Contact person: Nargiz Hajiyeva, Department of International Cooperation, Room 115, UNEC Main Building (Istiqlaliyyet 6)
Phone: (012) 492 60 45

About Higher  School of Management:

ARC Higher School of Management which is a part of the University of Applied Sciences and Art, West Switzerland was established in 1982. Teaching is mainly conducted in French with bachelor and master’s degrees. This includes economic law, information technology, marketing, finance, logistics, human resources, economic crime investigation, business management and more. programs are available. The school, which currently hosts 1,800 students, has 100 academic staff members and 400 guest lecturers.